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3 Key Benefits of a Print Audit and Why You Need One Now

Posted by Richard Hardstaff on 27-Apr-2018 11:17:33

Benefit from a free SF Taylor print audit now

Regular checkups are something that we are all familiar with, whether it’s taking the car into the garage for an MOT or making sure the kids are excelling at school.

Business is the same. Whichever industry you work in, you’ll be asking for updates from your team on a regular basis to make sure everything is working to its optimum. So, our question is: do you do the same when it comes to your printing?

If not, you could be missing out. Printing represents a large spend for any business, so you want to make sure you’re getting a cost-effective solution. That means a low price and a high-quality.

To check you're getting a good deal, you need to be doing a regular check-up of your printing, and that is where we can help with a free print audit.

So, what is a print audit and how does it benefit your business? Let’s explore...

What is a Print Audit?

Print audits are, simply, an opportunity for you and your business to learn how effective your printing strategy really is. To identify opportunities to make savings and improve quality, you need a company who has seen it all to conduct your print audit.

At SF Taylor, we have more than 90 years experience in the print industry, so we like to think we know a thing or two about upgrading your printing process. That is why we are able to offer a market leading free print audit to your business.

While you make a decision about whether your business could benefit from a print audit, let’s look at one in more detail.

The first step of an audit is for us to analyse your existing processes and supply chain via an on-site visit from one of our experts.

This includes looking at how many suppliers you currently use, their range of services and where cost savings can be made and quality improved.

While the primary focus of this may be to identify where you can make savings in your printing, an audit of your supply chain will also illuminate opportunities to save management time and reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

3 Ways Successful Businesses Use Print Audits

Every business is unique, and so is their printing, so no two print audits throw up the same results. That said, there are some common ways your business can benefit from a print audit.

If any of these sound useful to your business it’s time to book your print audit!

1. Align Key Print Suppliers

The most obvious, and arguably the most important, aspect of printing is its production, but this isn’t the only element a business looking to reduce purchasing costs should consider.

Design, storage and distribution all play an important role in building an effective printing strategy that delivers return on investment. The question is: how aligned are these processes with your print production?

If you are using multiple suppliers to distribute and store your printed materials, you are likely spending more time and money than you need to managing all these different parties.

The first step of a print audit is to identify whether this is taking place, and if so, creating a print strategy that solves this problem.

2. Analyse Existing Print Effectiveness

Printing, like any industry, benefits from constant analysis of its effectiveness so new opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing costs can be found.

By aligning your suppliers, you can better keep track of how effective your printed materials are performing through analysis, along being able to make better predictions about future demand.

One example of this is how you can use a smart distribution system to tailor print deliveries to locations based on demand. This allows you to get your print to where it needs to be and reduce waste by not sending it to places where it won’t be used.

3. Improve Accountability

How often have you had to track down the progress of a late order, or find that the quality of your print falls below your standards? This is a common complaint among professionals who are sourcing print, and it can come down to a lack accountability.

If your printing process has a long supply chain, tracking down who is responsible for what becomes a time consuming task that seems as if it’s more effort than it’s worth.

At SF Taylor, we solve this problem by providing businesses with a single point of contact from our team in the form of a dedicated Account Manager. This provides clear accountability, ensures you benefit from exceptional customer service, and all starts with a print audit.

The Secret of Using a Print Audit to Lower Costs and Improve Quality

Once your print audit has identified opportunities for improvements, you need a strategy for implementation. This is where print management comes in.

Print management outsourcing allows you to move your entire printing process from a complex web of suppliers, to a structured, single company.

At SF Taylor, this means you can bring the design, production, storage, distribution and analysis of your printing under one roof, and for a single price. As such, you can better incorporate printing into your budget and reduce unforseen costs.

Your Account Manager will monitor your printing analytics, and use them to identify printing strategies that deliver greater quality for reduced spend. This cuts down on the time you spend coordinating your printing, which means you can turn your attention to growing your business.

Print Audits Come With No Strings Attached

At SF Taylor, we recognise that you want to see how effective print management could be before you commit to outsourcing your printing. That is why our print audits are free and come with no strings attached.

Simply book a print audit, and one of our team will be in touch with the next steps.

Book a free print audit today and discover what you're really spending on print

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