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6 Benefits of Print Management and How You Can Achieve Them

Posted by Lauren Wilson on 20-Apr-2018 14:11:20
Outsourcing your print management to SF Taylor will leave you relaxed and confident.

Outsourcing your print management is undoubtedly an effective solution for businesses looking to improve the quality of their print and reduce their spending.

Knowing this is only half the battle though. If you are trying to significantly reduce the time and money you spend on your printing, you don’t just need a good print management company – you need a great one.

With this in mind, we’ve put together six ways you can benefit from identifying a great print management company.

So, without further ado…

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions Based on Experience
  2. Improved Accountability
  3. Exceptional Customer Services
  4. Access to the Latest Technology
  5. Innovation that Helps You Stand Out
  6. A Free Print Audit

1. Cost-Effective Solutions Based on Experience

It is no surprise that one of the top priorities for businesses is to reduce the amount they spend on procurement. This is an important ambition, but when it comes to printing, this goal can often result in businesses prioritising the bottom line over the quality of the product they receive.

In this way, many businesses fall into the trap of chasing print that is cheap but not cost-effective. To avoid this, you need a print management company with the experience and expertise to identify low-cost solutions that don’t damage quality.

At SF Taylor, we have developed this experience over the last 90 years so we can deliver the best service to our clients. This means not just providing print for a great price, but also championing customer service and quality at all stages of the process.

Only in this way can your printing be considered truly cost-effective.

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2. Improved Accountability

This is, in our opinion, one of the most underrated qualities in any type of professional purchasing.

How often have you had an order delayed or mishandled, and had to spend hours tracking down who was actually at fault? Was it the supplier who produced the print, the storage company, or even the distributor?

In the end, learning who is actually accountable for issues in your print production can be a nightmarish web that takes longer to untangle than it is worth.

Great print management companies will negate this issue by providing you with a single point of contact that looks after every part of the print process – from design to distribution – backed by reporting on agreed KPIs. This improves accountability, which ultimately saves you valuable management time that can be better spent elsewhere.

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3. Exceptional Customer Service

In the same way a single point of contact allows for improved accountability, it also results in improved customer service.

Every print job is unique, whether it requires a different style, material, production process, or deadline. Ergo, you need a print management company that knows not just what print you need, but also why your business needs it.

At SF Taylor, each of our clients have a dedicated Account Manager to ensure that all print orders, regardless of whether they are one-offs or repeats, are coordinated efficiently and to budget.

If you do not have this point of contact, it may be time to consider print management. Even if you are already using a print management company, don’t be afraid to look at other alternatives – changing print management company is easier than you think.

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4. Access to the Latest Technology

As with any industry, technology plays a prominent role in all parts of the printing process.

Not only are new machines transforming the physical production of print, but digital platforms are changing the way businesses can make and track orders.

A great print management company will have software that replaces the need to fill in lengthy forms, spend hours on the phone, or send dozens of emails. You can now simply log on, submit an order, and relax.

Let a SF Taylor take away the stress of print management.

Our own system, HubTec, takes this one step further. Allowing you to benefit from stock analysis tools, it identifies opportunities to reduce costs and predicts future print demand, so you're never caught off guard.

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5. Innovation that Helps You Stand Out

Let’s be honest, every business wants to stay one step ahead of their competition, and printing is no different.

Great print management companies use their skill and expertise to drive technological advances and print practice evolution, so it's no surprise that they are the first to benefit from innovation in their marketplace.

Whether it's an advancement in machinery, logistics or analysis; by working with a print management company, you ensure that you're the first to benefit from this innovation and all it brings.

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6. A Free Print Audit

Outsourcing your printing represents a significant change in how a business manages its purchasing, so it is understandable that a company wants to see the value of print management for themselves before they commit.

The best way to do this is with a free print audit from SF Taylor.

As part of the audit, we’ll send a print specialist to you (at no cost to yourselves) to evaluate your current printing process and identify how much you’re really spending. We’ll then put together a cost-effective strategy for improving your printing through dedicated print management.

Sound interesting?

Book your free SF Taylor Print Audit here and start saving now.

Book a free print audit today and discover what you're really spending on print

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