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7 Proven Print Audit Checklist Benefits That Will Improve Your Business

Posted by Stephanie Bennett on 12-Apr-2018 09:12:00

7 Proven Print Audit Checklist Benefits That Will Improve Your Business

Sometimes, it is the smallest change that starts the landslide of innovation.

This is because innovation begins in the back offices of businesses and is driven by every person looking for new ways to improve their own professional processes.

If one of your responsibilities is sourcing printed materials, reviewing how you do this can lead to the small change your company needs to reach new heights.

As with any change, the most important step is the one you take first, and when it comes to transforming your printing, this step should be benefiting from a free SF Taylor print audit.

From this audit, one of our expert team will be able to create a checklist of ways to use strategic print management to improve your business.

In the end, your print audit checklist will ensure you can make the following seven statements...

1) I Know the True Cost of My Business’s Printing

The printing process is more complex than many businesses realise, so it is no wonder print costs can quickly spiral out of control without you even noticing.

A print audit can shine a light on what you’re really spending on all stages of your printing, including its design, production, storage, distribution and stock analysis.

It is only when you consider these five stages that you can calculate your true printing costs.

2) My Printing is Aligned With Other Purchasing Goals

Once you know what you’re really spending on sourcing print, you can accurately identify the role it plays within your purchasing strategy and how it aligns with your goals.

A common goal amongst businesses is to reduce the costs of their procurement. If this ambition applies to you, print is an effective starting point as it often requires a complex web of suppliers that is ripe for streamlining to reduce costs.

For example, you may find that the price of sourcing your print using multiple suppliers is not terrible on paper, but that the management of all those suppliers comes with a high-level of payment friction and related costs.

3) I Have Identified My Key Suppliers

In order to reduce procure-to-pay friction, which costs the average business nearly £90,000 per year, a print audit can help you identify which suppliers play the most prominent role in your printing.

Here a good rule to follow is the 80/20 rule, which states that in any context, 20% of the activities are responsible for 80% of the outcomes. Applying this to your print supply chain can help you streamline your print by deciding which 20% of your suppliers produce 80% of your print.

Once you know this, you can consolidate your print procurement to these suppliers, and cut loose any that are surplus to requirements, thus reducing your management costs.

4) I Have a Clear Print Ordering Process

Alongside reducing the number of suppliers you’ll want to ensure you can source print effectively, without the need for endless phone calls and email chains.

This means finding suppliers who care about communication and efficiency as much as you do. At SF Taylor, this is achieved using our own digital platform for print ordering, management and analysis.

This means you can log on and order in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, with our smart system, your orders are saved and can even be automated to improve the efficiency or your print ordering process.

5) My Printing Champions Sustainability

More and more, consumers are holding businesses to the same high ethical standards they hold themselves. That means companies need to champion important global initiatives such as reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability.

When it comes to printing, there is a huge amount businesses can do to support the environment by finding the right supplier.

By using print management to bring the production, storage and distribution of your print under one roof, you can reduce waste and the number of miles your content travels.

6) My Printing Can Grow With My Business

Part of the purpose of conducting a print audit is to ensure your processes are future proofed.

This means that the suppliers you source your print from have the ability to grow with your business. If they do not, you may find that your print demand quickly overtakes their capacity to produce it.

Print management helps you avoid this by predicting your growth and by printing additional stock in case of last minute orders.

7) I Have a Strategic Print Management Solution

The ultimate purpose of an SF Taylor print audit is to identify opportunities to improve your printing. It stands to reason then that the final step to fulfilling your print audit checklist is being confident that you have a strategic print management solution that will benefit your business.

Following an analysis of your printing process, one of our experts will put together a print strategy that achieves everything we have spoken about in this blog.

That means you benefit from a cost-effective print solution that takes the stress off your shoulders.

Book Your Free Print Audit

A free SF Taylor print audit can be the small change your print purchasing needs to start a landslide of innovation in your business.

As we previously said, the most important step is the first one you take. That is why we make it simple. Just click below to book your free print audit today.

Book a free print audit today and discover what you're really spending on print

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