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The Power of Print Advertisement

Posted by Amelia Young on 29-Oct-2019 13:59:04



We can't deny that we're living in a world where almost everything is digital.

We can shop, keep up with current affairs and even find love - all whilst sat at home in our pyjamas.

So why then, do printed advertisements have a much higher response rate than their digital counterparts?


In an era where the majority of our daily activities are online, we'll reveal 5 reasons why print still reigns supreme in the advertising industry.



Online Advertisements Can Get Lost in the Crowd

Although the plethora of online users will contain potential customers - they include millions of other businesses who are also trying to advertise. It can be easy for your online ad to blur in to the background amongst the noise of competitors and other businesses. Printed ad material can present an opportunity for your company to stand out, and ensure that your ad is actually seen. Studies show that people are actually much more likely to trust a printed advertisement over an ad they see online.

An Easy Read

The way we process physical print hugely differs to how we read something online. As it turns out, people find it easier to focus on physical copy, as oppose to reading things online. There are less distractions, and it's a lot easier on the eyes. We also tend to read printed materials at a slower rate, therefore your customers are more likely to take in the information you're putting out. 

reading magStaying power

Have you ever come across an article on your social media feed, accidentally refreshed the page, and lost it forever? The fast paced nature of social media platforms can mean that your ad quickly disappears -  replaced with a new one in a matter of seconds. A tangible advertisement, like a leaflet or business card, will stay in front of your potential customer. It's impossible for a printed ad on someone's desk to be replaced by a competitor's - (unless they have office ghosts).


The internet undoubtedly inspires a lot of opportunities for creativity. However, it can also be limiting regarding how your ads are displayed. You can't create an online advertisement that strategically folds , or one that has pop out features. Materials and effects, such as gloss or holographic lettering cannot be replicated on a screen. These techniques, though small, are so important. They play a part in giving your brand flare, and appearing differently to others.


magsA Technology Detox

Browsing online is addictive, and we're all probably guilty of spending far too much time endlessly scrolling on smartphones and computers. As we're becoming aware of this, many people are making an effort to disconnect from technology more often. Reading a piece of printed material after staring at a computer screen all day will likely come as a relief to your potential customers.

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