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3 Winning Ways a Free Print Audit Saves Your Business Money

Posted by Stephanie Bennett on 06-Mar-2018 09:29:00

3 Winning Ways a Free Print Audit Saves Your Business Money

Every procurement, purchasing or buying professional will have their own preferences for how they source print and ensure that it is both cost-effective and high quality.

However, over recent years, we have seen a sea change wash over the printing landscape. New technologies have affected not just how print is produced, but also how it is ordered, stored, delivered and monitored.

Such a massive change cannot be ignored. Existing print purchasing practices need to evolve to continue to prove their value for money, but where do you start?

As with any business decision, the first step is to gather some expert advice and that is where SF Taylor comes in. With our free print audit, you can discover three easy cost-saving wins.

Easy Win #1: Reducing Print Management Costs and Saving Time

How often have you poured over budgets, planned meticulously and still been left scratching your head when costs come out higher than expected?

All too often, hidden printing costs raise their ugly heads when you least expect it, damaging your savings targets and always lurking frustratingly out of sight. To combat these, you need to know where to look so you can nullify them, and a print audit is your map.

While every business will find these unforeseen costs in different places, there is one common reason businesses are struggling to keep the price of their printing under control: supplier misalignment.

While every purchasing professional is capable of negotiating a great price for the physical production of their print (especially if they’ve read our eBook, The 4 Stages of Procurement Savings), many do not appreciate how this is just one aspect of an effective print strategy.

Alongside cost, you need to ensure that you’re getting as good a deal on the design, storage, distribution and stock management of your print. As you can imagine, by the time you factor in each of these, you’re looking at a print supply chain that includes multiple vendors.

The more suppliers you use, the more hidden costs you’ll suffer from. Every invoice you receive can cost up to £50 and that is assuming there are no issues.

Ultimately, the more suppliers you use, the greater your costs, purely because of the time you and your team will need to spend managing them. The obvious solution then is to reduce the number of suppliers, but this is easier said than done…

Actually, scratch that.

With print management, you can cut your print supply chain down to one. SF Taylor can take on all elements of your printing and deliver a high-quality product for a competitive price, lifting the weight of print purchasing off your shoulders.

Easy Win #2: Improving Efficiency and Accountability

Alongside cutting down on costly management time, another common easy win a print audit can uncover is improving the efficiency of your print procurement process and the accountability that goes with it.

As previously mentioned, print purchasing includes more than just production. The design, storage, distribution and stock analysis all need to be taken into account, as it is only with all these things that you can begin to enjoy all the cost and quality benefits that come with a successful print strategy.

If you don’t have a process that aligns all these things, you’ll quickly find your efficiency slipping. For example, your storage supplier and distributor may work to different schedules or fail to communicate effectively, leading to confusion.

Where this exists, it is difficult to identify accountability. An order may be late, but if that purchase was influenced by multiple suppliers, tracking down who dropped the ball can easily cause more hassle than it’s worth.

At SF Taylor, we fulfil all parts of the print procurement process, providing you with an aligned strategy without you having to lift a finger. To create ultimate ease of service, we also provide each of our clients with a dedicated Account Manager.

However, this is not the only way SF Taylor help improve our clients print efficiency.

Our ace in the hole is the digital procurement system we provide our customers. Our software, HubTec, allows you to make orders, monitor your stock and predict future demand painlessly. This means you can save time on your ordering, doing away with endless phone calls and emails.

Easy Win #3: Using Print to Champion Sustainability

If one thing is clear, it is that every business, whether big or small, needs to do their part to promote environmental sustainability. This is because modern day consumers care about not just what they buy, but who they buy from.

Furthermore, businesses must ensure sustainable practices are in place internally and externally. Yes supply chain, we’re talking about you.

If you use a supplier that does not adhere to your eco-goals, or any of your other ethical standards, you are sitting on a ticking time bomb that could blow up your reputation.

In order to protect your business, you need to be doing your own audits of suppliers regularly, but when you have a long supply chain, this is both costly and time-consuming.

As part of your free print audit, our experts will identify ways you can reduce your carbon footprint by maximising the potential of your printing to cut out waste and reduce the miles your print travels with a smart logistics strategy.

Furthermore, at SF Taylor, we have achieved the ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As such, you can be confident that our service is compliant with your sustainability guidelines.

Book a Free Print Audit

This blog has explored three easy wins, but there are many more ways a tailored print management solution from SF Taylor can benefit your business.

Book a free print audit with SF Taylor today and take your first step to uncovering more opportunities to reduce costs in your printing while still providing a high-quality service.

Book a free print audit today and discover what you're really spending on print

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