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Why Changing Your Print Management Company is Easier Than You Think

Posted by Stephanie Bennett on 15-Jan-2018 15:14:17

Find out why changing your print management company is easier than you thinkImplementing change in a business always comes with potential risks. In fact, for procurement professionals, managing risk is one of their top four priorities, which often means that change is not always welcome.

However, our years of experience have ensured that when it comes to changing your print management supplier we understand how you can minimise risk and maximise benefit.

In this article, we will explain why you should change print management company, and then how surprisingly risk and stress-free the process can be. So let’s start with the question…

Why Should You Change Print Management Company?

You’ve already taken a positive step in outsourcing your print management, but that does not mean the job is done. Different print management companies may offer similar services, but often what they provide and how they provide them is very different.

As your business grows, so do your printing requirements. You may find that the volume and speed needed to achieve your print goals outruns the capabilities of your current print management company, especially if they are not using the latest technology. Or you may feel that your existing company’s sustainability policy does not match your own. Therefore, in order for your printed content to come in on time, to the quality you expect, and to match your budget, you may have to look to external suppliers, forcing you once again to manage your supply chain.

If you are one of the seven out of ten procurement professionals who are looking to make significant changes to their supplier chain over the next year, making this as risk-free as possible will be your number one priority.

Let’s find out how changing your print management company can fit with your goals.

  1. There Are No Surprise Costs

  2. Print Deadlines Won’t Be Missed

  3. Technology Makes For a Seamless Transition

  4. Print Audits

1. There Are No Surprise Costs

For businesses currently using a print management company that operates under a charge-as-you-take model – meaning you pay for stock as you use it – changing your supplier can appear difficult. The price of purchasing all of your stock at once could run up high costs and is, therefore, counter-intuitive to the idea that changing company saves money.

This is not always the case though, as some print management companies will buy any existing stock for you, allowing you to continue on your current model and only pay for stock as you require it. Alternatively, print management companies may simply reprint the stock you require at a cheaper rate than your existing supplier – saving you costs in the process.

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2. Print Deadlines Won’t Be Missed

If you’ve been working with a print management company for a while, you may feel they know your print needs better than you do. Therefore, it can seem perilous to move on from a partnership developed over many months or years, in favour of a new organisation who are yet to learn your business’s processes.

However, just because these processes are already in place does not mean they are efficient. In business you will know that complacency can be the enemy of success so a fresh perspective can actually be beneficial – a new company may be able to quickly identify areas where you can improve quality and reduce costs.

In order to make these improvements, the best print management companies will become proficient in your existing processes ahead of time, to ensure a seamless transition. This allows your printing and business to continue as normal whilst your new company plan a detailed timeline of your content production from design to distribution.

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3. Technology Makes For a Seamless Transition

The print management industry is changing every year as new innovations in technology transform how print is designed, produced, stored and distributed. Digital systems can help you to better monitor stock and identify ways to improve efficiency.

The rapid development of technology makes it an exciting environment for anyone looking to improve their production process. In order to fully benefit from the latest innovations, businesses need to ensure they are regularly looking for the most up-to-date print management company operating with the latest tech.

The latest technology means the best print management companies can offer centralised online systems to analyse the print process, ensuring information and data is at your fingertips through any supplier change. According to a Deloitte survey of procurement leaders, 65% stated that access to analytics had the biggest impact on their role. Make sure you have access too!

And finally…

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4. Print Audits

If you’re still worried about switching to a new print management company, print audits are here to set your mind at ease. As the first step in any new print management strategy, a tailored print audit will tell you in black and white whether changing company is the right decision for your business, by identifying where your print process can improve and how you can save money.

Should changing prove to be the right decision, you’ll be provided with an in-depth timeline of what the transfer of companies will involve and how it will be undertaken.

In this way, a print audit removes any risk associated with changing print management company and ensures that your business can continue its day-to-day functions without interruption.

For this reason, if you are considering changing your print management company, hesitations around cost and time implications should not stand in your way. For more information, download your copy of our free eBook, Print Management: How to Reduce Costs, Save Time, and Improve Quality.

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