Our team has a wealth of experience in the print sector, helping us to champion the needs and goals of businesses in various industries.

From providing our expertise when it comes to online print management solutions to helping your business’ supply chain become more efficient, we’re here to guide you through the full print management process.

Find out more about a member of our team and get in touch directly. If you would like to make a general enquiry, please head over to our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

Simon Young, Managing Director at SF Taylor
Simon Young
Managing Director
With a wealth of all-round industry experience, Simon was the obvious choice to take SF Taylor forward. Since joining us, turnover has increased year-on-year, and his dream to run a coffee shop is definitely on hold. With his ambition of becoming an MD realised, he can now concentrate on building a robust business for the future. Simon’s goal for 2018 is to not go a month without a holiday (blue sky thinking!).
Stephanie Bennett, Client Services Director at SF Taylor
Stephanie Bennett
Client Services Director
Joining SF Taylor as a graduate from Manchester Uni over 10 years ago, Steph has specialised in the NHS arena. With her passion to deliver service excellence and working alongside Simon, SF Taylor will no doubt continue to grow. Steph’s goal for 2018 is to take Simon’s job!… She might need to wait a few more years for that one!
Gill Tress, Business Services Director at SF Taylor
Gill Tress
Business Services Director
Gill has worked for SF Taylor for 33 years, starting as an Office Junior and rising to a Director of the business thanks to her personal and professional achievements. Once an amateur ballroom and Latin American dancer, Gill still has all the moves, and is working to develop a streamlined and fully-automated workflow. Gill’s goal for 2018 is to help achieve best in class in the marketplace for the company.
Richard Hardstaff, Senior Account Director at SF Taylor
Richard Hardstaff
Senior Account Director
After being locked in the boardroom until he signed for SF Taylor, Richard finally joined us in November 2015 (with 25 years’ industry experience, why wouldn’t be keen to have him on board?). A bandit on the golf course and owner of many nicknames, ‘Trickey’s’ goal for 2018 is to make the most of family time, whilst his daughters are still young enough to not be embarrassed being with their dad!
Mike Ashurst, Commercial Manager at SF Taylor
Mike Ashurst
Commercial Manager
Mike started his love of the print industry back in 1974 and has been working on the numbers side of the sector ever since, joining SF Taylor in August 2014. As a lifelong Liverpool FC fan and a national award-winner for best handwriting at the age of 8, there’s not a lot left for Mike to achieve! Mike’s goal for 2018 is to return once again from injury to playing 6-a-side football weekly.
Chris Murray, Operations Manager at SF Taylor
Chris Murray
Operations Manager
With a whopping 35 years in the industry, Chris has brought so much experience in the 2 years he has been with SF Taylor, despite as a child, wanting to be a maths teacher! Chris’s goal for 2021 is to spend more time with his grandchildren.
Andy Upton, Studio Services Manager at SF Taylor
Andy Upton
Studio Services Manager
Being too small for the police force, Andy started life in the design and print industry at the age of 18, and is still loving his second-choice career, even more so since joining SF Taylor 2 years ago. He’s a keen athlete who’s always cycling to work and training for some event or another. Andy’s goal for 2018 is to compete in a marathon (and hopefully finish it this time!).
Claire Meehan, Production and Commercial Controller at SF Taylor
Claire Meehan
Production & Commercial Controller
Being fairly new to the industry and SF Taylor, Claire is nonetheless making a positive difference. Our LEGO obsessed first aider is in control and keeping us all on schedule. Claire’s goal for 2018 is to keep improving her skills and knowledge.
Fiona Bolton, Account Management Team at SF Taylor
Fiona Bolton
Account Management Team
With 9 years’ experience in the industry and 3 of those being at SF Taylor, Fiona’s enthusiasm flows, along with her ability to multitask that takes things to a whole different level. Fiona is the bossy member of the team, always eager to help and she knows all the answers! Fiona’s goal for 2018 is to own her own home.
Roger Williams, Account Management Team at SF Taylor
Roger Williams
Account Management Team
Having notched up 31 years in the industry, Roger joined SF Taylor in June 2014. Roger is the sole male of the Account Management Team and even has a famous great-great-grandfather. His goal for 2018 is to be the very best he can.
Rachel Moores, Account Management Team at SF Taylor
Rachel Moores
Account Management Team
Starting her career as an accountant, Rachel has now been in the print and design industry for over 20 years, joining SF Taylor in 2016. Rachel is the mother of the team, always available for advice and understanding. Her goal for 2018 is to sort out all the rubbish in her loft!
Rachel Nation, Account Management Team at SF Taylor
Rachel Nation
Account Management Team
Rachel joined SF Taylor in 2013 and quickly transferred her business admin experience to account management skills. Rachel studied floristry at college, and is the quiet one of the team, and often spotted cycling to work whatever the weather. Rachel’s goal for 2018 is to upgrade her bike to a car!
Gabrielle Taylor, Account Management Team at SF Taylor
Gabrielle Taylor
Account Management Team
Gabbie joined SF Taylor 2 years ago, being lured away from a life in the skies. She holds A Levels in Business Administration, and is the chatty one of the team, entertaining us with her latest adventures (climbing Kinder Scout to name but one), and is always happy to help. Gabbie’s goal for 2018 is to expand her knowledge and experiences. (Oh, and to also own a Rolex!)