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Our Three Steps to Brand Promotion


Planning or attending an event? It’s never too early to start planning how you’re going to promote your brand. Our team will use their experience to help you think ahead and integrate printed promotional tactics into your overall brand strategy.


Once you’ve decided which promotional items you want, it’s time to create them! We have a comprehensive range of promotional items, from pens to USBs to mugs. Need something more unusual? We’ve done it all (even wrapping a building up)!


Now you have your promotional items, all that is left to do is use them to make your brand stand out. Following your event, be sure to feedback on what items were most popular. Making your business look good is at the heart of our what we do.

Our Customers

For Viva
Stockport Homes
Business Growth Hub
Manchester City Council

Enhance Your Brand Now With SF Taylor Promotional Items

As well as managing the printing materials and internal communications for your business, we can provide the promotional materials that are required for conferences and events.

Attending or hosting events can be a very effective way to market your brand to both customers and other businesses. But, maximising your success can be challenging. We want to make your life as easy as possible, which is why we provide an end-to-end solution.

With so many things to consider at the planning stage, we’re here to offer advice and will take a holistic approach to delivering your requirements, focusing on more than just ink on paper!

Whether you need something as small as pens, USBs and mugs to complement your conference, or you require something a little more unusual, we’ve done it all. From wrapping new build homes up in a big red bow, to making pencils that turn into plants, we can help your ideas grow.

"With SF Taylor I have full confidence that when my print team place an order, the job will be delivered exactly how we need it to be, on time and to the high-quality standards that are demanded. A valued supplier.”

SF Taylor Customer

What Our People Say

“When I joined SF Taylor I didn’t realise the scope of products we provided to our customers. Now I know better after being asked to help plan and produce promotional items for a conference in New York, with 3 weeks’ notice! I loved the challenge and my collection of samples is much the richer for it.”

Lauren Wilson
Account Executive at SF Taylor

Discover Our Range of Promotional Items

Have an event coming up and want to stand out? Speak to our team about SF Taylor promotional items.

Learn More About SF Taylor

SF Taylor are specialists in print management, delivering print quality all the way from design to distribution. Established more than 90 years ago, there isn’t a printing challenge we haven’t overcome. Book to speak to one of our team now and learn how we can help you cut costs, save time and improve quality with print management..